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About Us

Some people have had Labradors all their lives, others, like us, came to love this breed later. I first fell in love with labs after seeing the Walt Disney movie, "Old Yeller". I didn't know (until years later) that the dog depicted in the movie, wasn't even a good representative of the breed. I don't even know if it was a labrador. I just knew I wanted a yellow lab! My husband, Raymond said, "OK, after we get back to the states and have our own house."

Did I mention that when I saw "Old Yeller", I was in my 20's and we were stationed in Germany with the United States Air Force. But four years later we were back in the states and stationed at Offutt AFB, in Omaha, NE, when a advertisement for free puppies appeared in the newspaper. Denny (a black male) crawled into Raymond's lap and we were goners!

In Denny's short life, he taught us the wonderful temperament that Labradors are suppose to possess. He was everything I wanted in that "yellow" lab I went looking for.

Two weeks after Denny's death, a yellow lab entered our life, Andy. I went looking for a real kennel this time, to get a registered lab. I just didn't know what a field trial kennel meant!

A few months later, we attended a dog show for the first time and saw a CHOCOLATE labrador. He was gorgeous! I had to have one and again Raymond came through like a trooper. " If you can find one just like that one, you can get another lab." So, I just went up to this lady and asked where she got such a pretty boy. Contacted the breeder, who had just repeated that same breeding! Wrip became our third labrador and first chocolate in March of 1983.


Two weeks after we found out about Wrip's cancer, Dutch entered our lives. It had been 12 years since we'd had a puppy! Dutch was our first titled dog! He was our first Canine Good Citizen (CGC), our first Working Certificate (WC), and our first Companion Dog (CD)! And while his spirit would always be willing, his body just wore out after a short 5 1/2 years!

Check out the links to see our current boys and girls.


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